Roll of Honour


The Memorial Wall at the Officer Cadet School was dedicated prior to the Graduation Parade of the Class of December 1967. The Memorial Wall has been re-located to the Royal Military College, Duntroon.

Four names on the Roll of Honour have had Last Post Ceremonies conducted in their honour at the Australian War memorial. These have now been linked to their names below. Thank you to the Australian War Memorial for this recognition.

Australian Graduates

Lieutenant D J Brian

5 Mar 1964

Captain G R Belleville

South Vietnam
12 Feb 1966

Major D M Bourne

South Vietnam
14 Feb 1967

Captain R B Milligan

South Vietnam
14 Feb 1967

Lieutenant J Carruthers, MID

South Vietnam
24 Feb 1967

Major P J Badcoe, VC

South Vietnam
7 Apr 1967

Lieutenant R G Birse

South Vietnam
10 Dec 1967

Second Lieutenant B G Walker

South Vietnam
9 Mar 1969

Second Lieutenant G R Locke

South Vietnam
9 May 1969

Lieutenant P A Hines

South Vietnam
21 Jul 1969

Lieutenant R T Convery

South Vietnam
23 Nov 1969

Captain B C Donald, DSM

South Vietnam
3 Dec 1969

Lieutenant P R Marks-Chapman

South Vietnam
19 Dec 1969

Second Lieutenant B R A Jones

South Vietnam
10 Apr 1969

New Zealand Graduates

Captain P Williams

South Vietnam
14 Feb 1967

Lieutenant J R Winton

South Vietnam
10 Mar 1971

Malaysian Graduate

Captain V M Chandran SP

13 Jun 1971

Philippines Graduates

2nd Lieutenant Eustaquio Granadillos

21 Sep 1975

2nd Lieutenant Oscar G Hular

5 Mar 1977

Captain Almario Villasenor

10 Oct 1977

Major Efren F Salido

1 Oct 1987

Thai Graduate

Captain Surajit Shinawatra
(Posthumous promotion to Lieutenant Colonel)

Thai-Laos Border
26 Apr 1973