‘Spirits of OCS Graduation Past’

We have basically completed the process of re-developing the site by building a new one. Unfortunately, all the good work completed by the late Bob de Haas was lost from the site and so we have a new domain name and a new look and feel.

Start exploring by visiting the Heritage page for a view of what Portsea looks like now.

Class Lists are all in place so check out the details. We have found some errors so let us know if something needs changing. We have a collection of class photos depicting time at or after Portsea where we have content. If you want to add some, let us know and we can discuss options.

As always, there are exciting things happening. See our Posts for information about the statue that is being proposed for Portsea. We are nearing finalisation of approval and funding is being sought. Check out progress to the right and consider making a donation – every bit counts.

We have nearly finalised making the Neville Lindsay book Loyalty and Service into a web based book. We hope to launch it shortly for those interested. This version will be easy to read through any browser on any device with internet access and has a significant amount of additional information – photos, notes and videos.

OCS produced several authors who wrote about their time at OCS, time after graduation and military history. Check out our listing of known books.

  The music you are listening to is one we are sure you may remember – Portsea – which is the Quick March tune.

  To listen to the Slow March – By Land and Sea – pause using the button above and then press this play button.