ANZAC Day 2024

The Rye RSL was busy at work getting the statue ready for the big day. John Wilson and his staff cleaned the statue and then laid a wreath in preparation for ANZAC Day.





John Goodchap (June 1974) visited for a dawn wreath laying.


David Irving-James (UK Ex Long Look instructor 1976) sent through his ANZAC Day experience from the UK. The notes are below including a poem he wrote.

ANZAC Day not forgotten in this little part of England .

Some gave a little,

and some gave their all .

               Your countrymen and brothers

               may lay in England’s distant lands

                but I make to you this promise.   

                 they lay safe in English hands


                They may never see the sunset 

                    on your Australian shore

              but they will share in my sunrise 

                safe in my land forever more 


David Irving-James

ANZAC Day 2024