LTCOL Stuart (Stu) Gavin Stubbs RNZASC, RNZCT (Retd).  OCS Class June 1970.

Stu died in NZ on 16 September 2021.  Stu was the joint Class Orderly for his Class and will be missed by many.

Vale Stu.

Major Graham Lovegrove (Jnr) RAAC.  OCS Class December 1977.

Graham died in Bali on 14 August 2021.

He will be missed by many.


LTCOL Peter G. Raue, RA Svy – OCS Class December 1973.

Peter was CO Army Apprentices School, 1993-94.

Peter died on 8 July 2021.

His sense of humour and mischief will be greatly missed by many.


 Major R.G. (Rod) Althaus RAA.  OCS Class June 1956.

Rod died on Sunday, 27 June 2021.

A strong supporter of OCS and of his classmates.  He will be missed by his family and many friends.

Rest In Peace

Brigadier M.G. (Mike) Holton, CSC.  Mike graduated from OCS in June 1959 to RAE and later transferred to RACT.

Born in England on 5 July 1938, he died on 3 June 2021.

Mike served as a captain in South Vietnam at HQ AFV (Army) from June 1966 – June 1967.

A much-valued husband, father, brother and friend of many.

Rest In Peace.

Brigadier Brian Henry Cooper (Retired). OCS Class December 1953.

4 July 1934 – 16 April 2021

A devoted Husband, a inspirational Father, and a dedicated Grand Parent.

A Soldier, Aviator, Commander, Leader, Author, Teacher, he will be sadly missed.

Service: SVN 1966-67, CO 1 Avn Regt, DCRES, Hon Col AAAvnC

Brian passed away comfortably in his sleep on Friday 16 Apr 2021 at St Vincents Hospital Northside, Brisbane.


Captain William (Bill) John A. Hunt RA Sigs (Retd).  OCS Class December 1953.

Bill died in Frankston, Victoria on 29 March 2021.

A very sad loss to his family friends and his longstanding Army classmates.

Missed by many.


 Captain John G. Strang RAASC (Retd).  OCS Class December 1953 John died on 19 March 2021 after a long illness.

He will be missed by his family, friends and Army classmates.


Major John R. Goodwin RAEME, RAAOC (Retd).  OCS Class December 1968.

Ammunition Technical Officer 192.

John died on 17 March 2021 in Brisbane.

Will be sadly missed by his family, classmates, friends and the ATO fraternity.


Lieutenant Edward Arthur Beaumont RAA (Retd).  OCS Class Dec 1953.

Ed died on 28 December 2020, aged 89.

A long and loyal member whose classmates and many friends will mourn his passing.

Rest In Peace.

 Major Joseph (Joe) Attard, RAAOC (Retd). OCS Portsea graduating Class Dec 1970.

Served as an Ammo Tech Offr (ATO).

Joe died on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 and will be missed by many.

Captain David Crooks RA Sigs (Retd).  OCS Class Jun 67.

David died peacefully in Liverpool Hospital on 14 January 2021 with his family by his side.

He will be sadly missed by his classmates and many friends.


Major Dennis Arthur Livingston RA Sigs (Retd).  OCS Class Dec 61.

Dennis died on 27 Dec 2020.

SVN Service:

Served as a captain at HQ Australian Force Vietnam (Army Component) July 1970 – June 1971.

Other postings include:

7 Sig Regt, 121 Sig Sqn (S’pore), 126 Sig Sqn, School of Sigs, 13 Sig Regt (UK) Germany 1965-66, PNG Police 1973-77

Well served.  RIP

Major Brian R. Schwarz RA Sigs (Retd).  OCS Class Jun 68.

Brian died on 21 Dec 2020 in Mackay, QLD.

SVN Service:

  • As a Signalman with 552 Sig Troop from April 1966 – May 1967.
  • As a 2LT with Det 152 Sig Sqn (SAS) from Aug 1969 – Aug 1970.

Brian will be sadly missed by many.  RIP

Major General David M. Butler, AO, DSO (3 Sep 28 – 24 Nov 20) He saw service as a lieutenant during the Korean War with the 3 RAR, and later as a LTCOL  Commanding Officer of 6 RAR/NZ (ANZAC) in South Vietnam 1969 – 70.

He was Commandant OCS Portsea from Jan 72 – Jan 75.

Comd 1 TF 1977 – 78.  Aust Army Attaché USA & Canada, UN 1979 – 81.  GOC Trg Comd 1982 – 83.

A much respected and liked officer.

He will be sadly missed by many.

Major Barry Thomas Ferris, AAvn (Retd).  OCS Class December 1975.

Barry died on 1 October 2020 in the Adelaide Hills.

Sadly missed by family, friends and classmates.


Captain Terence John Verrall RNZIR, RNZAOC (Retd).  OCS Class Jun 66.

Terry died in Perth, WA on 1 November 2020, aged 79 years.

Terry was born 17 March 1941 in Lower Hutt, NZ. Husband to the late Betty Ada Verrall. Terry loved a beer, a punt, gardening, seafood, fruit, bad dad jokes, his church, and the biggest love apart from his family was the All Blacks.

Terry will be missed so much by his children, grandchildren, brother, cousins, friends and classmates.

Major Graeme Lincoln Tod RNZA, RNZCT, RNZALR.  OCS Class December 1982.

Graeme (Tody) passed away at 7.00 pm on Friday 2 October 2020 in Wairarapa, New Zealand.

In total he completed 25 Regular Force service and 6 years Territorial Force service (Reserves) in the New Zealand Army.

Graeme graduated from OCS in Dec 1982 into the Royal New Zealand Artillery (RNZA), he subsequently transferred to the Royal New Zealand Corps of Transport (RNZCT) which with the RNZAOC and RNZEME amalgamated to become the Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment (RNZALR).

A military service will be held at Trentham Military Camp, Wellington at 12.30 pm on Saturday 10 October 2020 followed by a wake to be held in Greytown.

RIP Tody.

LTCOL Anthony (Tony) G. Roberts RA Sigs (Retd).  OCS Class Dec 54. Tony died on 1 Sep 2020 aged 84 years.

Attended Army Staff college, Queenscliff in 1967.

In SVN, he commanded 104 Sig Sqn from Jan – Nov 1971.

Rest in Peace.

LTCOL Phil Badcock, OAM – OCS Class Jun 68.  Died 6 Sep 20 – Aged 75 yrs.

Graduated to RAAOC. Returned to OCS on the staff 1974 – 75.

Served in SVN with 6RAR from May 69 – May 70.

Will be missed by many.

Major Kevin Maxwell Riley, RAEME (Retd) who died on 5 Sep 2020.

Kevin graduated from AAS Balcombe in Dec 1971 and then OCS Portsea in Dec 73 where he was the BSM.

He returned to OCS as a member of staff in 1980 – 81.

He will be missed by many.

Lieutenant Colonel John M. (Max) Owens, RACMP (Retd), OCS Class Dec 64. He died after a long illness on 29 Aug 2020.

Max was a quiet unassuming style of officer who was well respected and liked by all who knew and worked with him.   He will always be remembered with great affection.


Major John E. Campbell, RA Inf (Retd).  OCS Class Jun 57.

John died on 16 August 2020 aged 86 years.

He saw active service in Thailand-Malaya and in South Vietnam (3 RAR & AATTV).

Rest In Peace.

Major Leslie Peter Tonagh, RAASC, RACT (Retd).  (OCS Class Jun 54).

Les died on 11 July 2020 at age 86 years.

He served twice in the Antarctic with the ANARE Detachment in 1955/56 and 1957/58.  He also served in PNG in 1971.

Rest in Peace.

Lieutenant Colonel David Rankine MC, MID, VCOG (Retd).  David graduated to RA Inf from the Fifth OCS course in June 1954.  He died on 12 July 2020 aged 87 years.

David served in SVN as OC C Coy, 8RAR in 1969 -70.

Rest in Peace old soldier.

Brigadier James Walter (Jim) Ryan, AM.

Jim graduated to RAA from the OCS Class Dec 61 and died on 21 May 2020 after a long illness.

A great officer and man and will be missed by many.

Major John Henry Boot, RAE, RACT (Retd) (OCS Class Dec 63) John died on 29 June 2020 (aged 80) after a long illness.

RIP John.

Lieutenant John T. Feakes RAASC (Retd).  (OCS Class Jun 54) John died in June 2020.

Missed and respected – Rest in Peace.

Captain Des Wilmore, RA Inf (Retd) (OCS Class Dec67).

Des died in his sleep this morning (26 June 2020)at his home in Noosa, SE Queensland following a small operation the day before.

Born on 10 April 1948 in Broken Hill.

After graduating from OCS Portsea in Dec 1967, Des served in PNG and then in 1972 with the AATTV.  Des later resigned from the Army while serving as adjutant at the Infantry Centre, going into business in Singleton and then in Noosa.

Rest in peace, mate.

Major  Robert G. Anderson RAA (Retd).  (OCS Class Dec 63).

Robert died on 12 June 2020 after a long illness.  Age 78 years.

Robert’s active service included the Malay Peninsula, Malaya & South Vietnam.

A top man with a great sense of humour who will be missed by many.


LTCOL Brian Richard Windsor (Retd). OCS Class Dec 58.

Brian passed away at John Flynn Hospital, Tugun, Qld at 0725 hrs on Monday 27th April, 2020.

Brian was a 9th intake Army Apprentice Vehicle Mechanic and rose to the rank of RSM of the Apprentices School.

He repeated this honour two years later as the CSM of the Officer Cadet School, Portsea.

Brian is survived by his wife Vanessa, son David and daughter Rebecca with their families and two grandchildren.

A private funeral was conducted on Friday 1st May at Burleigh Heads in accordance with the current health restrictions.

LTCOL Ronald Frank Irwin, RAEME (Retd). OCS Class Jun 63.

Ron died in Launceston, TAS on 6 May 2020, aged 82 years.

Ron served in South Vietnam as OC 5 Coy RAASC Wksp from 30 Jul 70 – 29 Jul 71.

A sad loss and will be missed by many.

Major Leigh David Edwards,  RAE (Retd) who died on 4 May 2020.

Leigh was a much valued member of the OCS Class June 1973.

RIP Leigh, your duty done.  Lest We Forget

LTCOL R.P. (Phil) Kudnig RAE (Retd) who died in Victoria on 27 April 2020. Phil who was commissioned with the OCS Class of December 1953 (The Fourth Class), was awarded the Governor General’s Medal as the top graduate.

He returned to OCS on the staff 1964 – 1966.  He then moved over The Rip to Army Staff College in 1967.

In South Vietnam he commanded 1 Fd Sqn RAE Jan – Nov 1971.


Brigadier Philip Davies AM (Retd).   7 July 1940 – 21 April 2020. Commissioned into RA Inf at RMC in  1961.

Phil served with 1RAR IN South Vietnam 27 March 1968 – 28 February 1969.

The last Commandant of OCS Portsea (December 1983 – December 1985)

Rest In Peace – Duty Done.

LTCOL Ian M.R. MacLean, RAE (Retd).  OCS Class Jun 59.  Died 18 April 2020 aged 83 years.

Ian served in SVN as a captain with 17 Constr Sqn RAE in 1968-69.

Attended Army Staff College, Queenscliff in 1973.

Rest In Peace, Duty Done.

Major John L. Nelson, RAAOC (Retd) who died on 9 April 2020.

A graduate of the OCS Class Jun 70.

In later life John was the manager for the Army Museum at Bandiana until his illness forced his retirement.

Missed by many.

Major John I. Moller, RAE who died peacefully in Darwin, NT on 13 April 2020, aged 80 years.

Classmate and friend of the Graduation Class, June 1963, OCS Portsea.

John served in SVN as a captain with 21 Engr Spt Tp in 1969.  He also returned to Portsea to serve on the staff at OCS in 1970 -71.

Sadly missed by many.

Major Geoffrey Owen Lever, RAAOC died 5 December 2019 after a long illness.

Geoff graduated in December 1985, the last Class at OCS Portsea before all officer training was transferred to Duntroon.

Geoff was the inaugural Manager of the RMC Museum, and the champion to get it established as part of the Army Museum Network. He handed over the reins a year or so back.

Missed by many.

Major Richard A. Arnel, RA Inf a valued classmate of the OCS Class December 1967.

Dick died in Canberra on 20 February 2020 after a long illness.

Rest In Peace mate.

Phillip T. Dobney RAA, a graduate of the OCS Class December 1953 (The Fourth Class).

 We have received a belated notice of Phillip’s death.  A much valued member of his classmates, he died in Brisbane on 25 Nov 2019.

WO1 Kevin Stanley (Lofty) Wendt. The last RSM of OCS Portsea.

8th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment South Vietnam 17/11/1969 – 15/07/1970
Lofty also served in 2 and 8/9 RAR and was the second RSM Army.

Passed away in Biggenden Hospital on Monday, 27 January 2020 after an illness. Funeral to be held on 7th February 2020.

Major Bruce Hayhow RNZE (Retd) from the OCS Class Jun 1959.

Bruce died on 25 Jan 2020.

Major William T. Edwards, OAM, RAAOC (Retd). A graduate of the OCS Class Dec 64.

“Blue” died after a long illness on 24 Jan 2020.

He served in SVN as a 2Lt  in 2COD 25 Feb – 13 Sep 1967.

Funeral details are as follows:

Gregson Weight Funerals, Eumundi Road Noosaville  4507. Qld Thursday 30th January 2020 at 11.00am

Major Lawrence N. (Laurie) Hall, RA Inf (Retd).  OCS Class Jun 57.

Laurie died unexpectedly on 17 Jan 2020 following complications from an operation.

The Scarlet Lanyard, gallant Laurie Hall, was very proud of the unit citation awarded to 3RAR as a consequence of the battles for Coral and Balmoral as no doubt are the other of our comrades who were involved.

Laurie was an excellent ambassador for the little Class group through his membership of the Duntroon Society, showing the flag at the Canberra meetings and visits to Portsea. We don’t think he ever missed one of our reunions either.

He will be high on the list of memories we have which started in July 1956.

Lieutenant Colonel James S. Heard RNZA (Retd).  OCS Class June 1970.

Died suddenly on 15 December 2019 in South Africa whilst on holiday. Will be missed by many.


Captain Ronald P. Baker RAASC, RAAOC (Retd).  OCS Class Dec 53. Died 19 December 2019.

Retired from the Army in 1962, but remained a strong supporter of his OCS Portsea classmates and will be sadly missed.

Ray Allan Dousset. OCS Class of December 1973. RAEME, AAAvn.

Tragically killed in a road accident near Bundaberg. Funeral on 7 November 2019 in Bundaberg.

Major George E. Ball. OCS Class of June 1952. Graduated to RAA.

Died in Gosford on 21 October 2019 after a long illness.

Active service in Korea and South Vietnam.

Army Staff College 1965.

Colonel Graeme D.Burgess MBE. OCS Class of December 1955. Commandant – December 1980 to December 1983.

Graeme passed away peacefully on Tuesday 8th October 2019.

A celebration of his life will be held at the Norwood Park Crematorium in Canberra at midday on Thursday  17 October 2019. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Enquiries to Richard Burgess –

Colonel Phillip J. Gould 9 Jun 1945 – 30 Sep 2019.

OCS Class Dec 1964.

SVN: 9RAR as a Lt from Nov 68 to Dec 69.

Aust Staff College 1978.

An invitation is extended to join with Joane, family and friends to celebrate and remember Phil’s life at Southport Yacht Club, 1 Macarthur Parade, Main Beach Qld 4217, from 2.30 PM, Thursday 10 October 2019.

Dress – Relaxed Gold Coast informal.

Major Bruce C. Hampson RAAOC (Retd)  –  OCS Class Dec 64.

Army Apprentices School, Balcombe (10th Intake) Bruce died on 27 June 2019 in Nambour Hospital after a long illness.

He served in South Vietnam as a lieutenant with 102 Field Workshops Stores Section in 1967 – 68.

53185 Major Peter Raymond Lofthouse RAE [Retd]

Peter passed away on Thu 11 Jul 2019 after suffering a heart attack. He was born on 19 Mar 1936 at East Fremantle, Western Australia. His funeral was held on Wed 17 Jul 2019 at 2 PM, Pinnaroo Cemetry Chapel, BRIDGEMAN DOWNS at 2 PM.

Peter was a graduate of the OCS Class of Dec 1957. As a Captain he saw Active Service with 17 Construction Squadron, RAE in South Vietnam from 23 Apr 1970 to 21 Apr 1971. He is sadly missed by all of his classmates and friends.
Condolences to Denise and Family.

  Sanderson, Stephen John RA Svy, RAAOC

Steve passed away last Saturday (6 July) after a lengthy battle with cancer. There will be a private cremation.

Steve (Sandy) was a graduate of the June 1973 Class originally graduating to Survey and later transferring to Ordnance. He was responsible for developing the class website creating a wonderful legacy for his classmates.

  LTCOL James Edward Heron RAASC, RACT

Jim was born in August 1944.  A graduate of OCS Portsea Class Dec 65.
He served in SVN as a lieutenant with HQ 5 Coy RAASC from Dec 67 – Jan 69.