OCS Graduate Staff

This page provides a listing of graduates of OCS who returned for a posting as staff members. It may not be complete as obtaining this information has been difficult.

The following references provided detail:

  • A.     Colonel Neville Lindsay’s “Loyalty and Service”: the Officer Cadet School Portsea (first published in 1995).
  • B.     OCS Staff List as at Dec 1967.
  • C.     OCS Staff List as at Jun 1968.
  • D.     Numerous Emails as a result of the request for details from Alumni Members with particular thanks to Wally Rotow for his comprehensive list on Australian OCS graduate staff members.
1Dec 52Col B.G. Florence AM MC Aust Staff Corps (ex RAE) (Brian)1978-1981First OCS Graduate to be appointed as Commandant. (See Ref A Pge 129).
2Dec 55Col G.D. Burgess MBE Aust Staff Course (ex RAA) (Graeme)1981-1983Second (& Final) OCS Graduate to be appointed as Commandant. (See Ref A Pge 129). Graeme won the Dec 55 Governor General’s Medal (See Ref A Pge 179) & held the rank of Cadet CSM.
Deputy Commandant
3Jun 52Lt Col I.L.G. Campbell MC RA Inf (Ian AKA “Digger”)1977-1978Deputy Commandant.
4Jun 53Lt Col T.F.H. Walker RAAC (Terry)1979-1980Deputy Commandant.
Chief Instructor
5Jun 58Lt Col R.W. Bleakley RAEME/RA Inf (Bob)1976-1977First OCS Graduate to be appointed as Chief Instructor. (See Ref A Pge 129).
6Jun 59Lt Col P.M. McDougall RA Inf (Peter)1978-1979Second (& Final) OCS Graduate to be appointed as Chief Instructor. (See Ref A Pge 129). Peter won the Dec 59 Governor General’s Medal. (See Ref A Pge 179).
7Jun 522Lt/Capt C.D.K. Hayward RAA (Colin)1955 -1957 (Ref A Pge 129). Adjutant First Course OCS Graduate. Colin was a RAA Air OP and wore the “Wings” insignia. Very impressive to cadets of the Writer’s vintage.
8Jun 52Capt J.C. Harding RA Inf (John)1958-61(Ref A Pge 129). Second (& Final) Adjutant First Course Graduate.
9Jun 532Lt W.J. Murray RAA (Warren)1955(Ref A Pge 129). First OCS Graduate Staff Member. (Third Course).
10Dec 54Capt J.M. Walker RAA (John)1961-62(Ref A Pge 129). (Last of the six month Courses) Adjutant John won the Dec 54 Governor General’s Medal.
11Jun 60Capt E.J. Lyneham RAASC (Ted)1970-1971(Ref A Pge 129). Adjutant
12Jun 65Capt R.L. Sayce RA Inf (Bob)1973-1974(Ref A Pge 129). Adjutant Also Officer Instructor in 1972.
13Dec 66Capt R.T. Regan RACT (Rob)1974-1975(Ref A Pge 129). Adjutant Also Officer Instructor in 1973.
14Jun 70Capt J.F. Hickey RAA (John)1979-80(Ref A Pge 129). Adjutant Also Officer Instructor (197X).
15Jun 75Capt D.I. Grierson RA Inf (Dave)1983-1984(Ref A Pge 129). Also Officer Instructor.
16Jun 75Capt P.W. Pearce RAE (Phil)1985(Ref A Pge 129).Adjutant Also Officer Instructor 1984.
Officer Instructor and Administrative Appointments
17Jun 52Capt C.A. Cunningham RAA (Colin)1959- 1961First OCS Graduate Officer Instructor. See Col Neville Lindsay’s “Loyalty and Service” page 172 for Colin’s photo with cadets.
18Dec 53Capt/Maj R.P. Kudnig RAE (Phil)1964-1966 Phil was awarded the Dec 53 Governor General’s Medal. Staff Appointments: Officer Instructor/Major Trg Coord
19Dec 53Capt O.M. Carroll RA Inf (Max)1961-1963Officer Instructor.
20Jun 54Maj B.J. Stark RAA (Bruce)1971-1972Staff Appointment: Major Trg Coord.
21Jun 54Capt K.E. Sticpewich RA Inf (Keith)1964-1966Officer Instructor.
22Jun 54Capt C.L.T. McDonagh RAASC/RACT (Charles) 1965-1966Officer Instructor.
23Jun 54Capt/Maj J.L. Macpherson RAA (John/AKA: “Spook“ to cadets of this period)1965-1968 John as a cadet held the rank of Cadet CSM and also won the Governor General’s Medal June 1954. Staff Appointments: Officer Instructor/SI Military Arts Wing/ Major Trg Co-ord.
24Dec 55Capt R.J. Johnson RAE (Ray)1963-1964Officer Instructor.
25Dec 55Capt R.G. Newton RAASC (George)1963-1964Officer Instructor.
26Dec 55Capt/Maj I.C. Teague RA Inf (Ian) (”Tasker”/AKA “Trader” to cadets of this period)1965-1968Officer Instructor/SI Field Wing.
27Jun 56Capt L.P. Hubble R Aust Sigs (Les)1963-1964Officer Instructor.
28Jun 56Capt I.T. Stewart RA Inf - Ex-PIR Officer-(Jock)1963-1964Officer Instructor. (First PNG Cadets entered OCS Jan 63).
29Dec 56Capt/Maj W.L.H. Smith RA Inf (Warwick)1963-1965 1973-1975Warwick was the only OCS Graduate staff member to serve twice on staff. Officer Instructor/Maj Trg Coord(?).RIP Warwick.
30Jun 57Capt D.J. Randall R Aust Sigs (Don)1965-1966Officer Instructor.
31Dec 57Capt O.E. Kleinig RA Inf (Ossie)1965-1967Officer Instructor.
32Dec 57Capt R.G. Elder R Aust Sigs (Reg)1967-1968Officer Instructor.
33Jun 58Capt G.E. Chipman RA Inf (Geoff)1964-1965Officer Instructor.
34Jun 58Capt J.R. Clarke RAAC (John)1964-1965Officer Instructor.
35Jun 58Capt T.H. Holland RA Inf (Terry)1966-1968Officer Instructor.
36Dec 58Capt R.A. Ducie RA Inf (Ron)1975-1976Officer Instructor.
37Dec 58Capt G.A. Quail RAAOC (Gerry)1968-1969Administrative Officer.
38Jun 59Capt R.L. Bricknell RAE (Ray)1965Officer Instructor.
39Dec 59Capt G.D. Hoffman RA Inf (Graham)1967-1968Officer Instructor.
40Jun 60Capt A.L. Schaschke MBE RAE (Arthur)1966-1967Officer Instructor.
41Dec 60Capt C.R. Elphinston RAAOC (Chris)1966-1967Officer Instructor.
42Dec 61Capt R.T. Pettit RA Inf (Roger)1968-1969Officer Instructor.
43Dec 61Maj C.J. Brewer RA Inf (Colin)1972-1974SI Mil Arts Wing & SI Field Wing.
44Jun 62Capt R.M. Tucker RA Inf (Dick)1969-1970Officer Instructor.
45Jun 62Capt W.E. Sullivan RAEME (Ed)1970-1971Officer Instructor.
46Dec 62Maj M.T.R. Wilkinson MBE RAA (Malcolm)1976-1977Appointment (?) TBC.
47Jun 63Capt E.W. Simpson RAAOC (Eddie)1967-68 Officer Instructor.
48Jun 63Capt R.J. Ivey RA Inf (Bob)1968-1969Officer Instructor.
49Jun 63Capt P.N. Wailes RAE (Phil)1969Officer Instructor.
50Jun 63Capt J.R. Moller RAE (John)1970-1971Officer Instructor.
51Jun 63Capt D.K. Jamison RAAOC (David)1969-1970Officer Instructor.
52Jun 63Capt/Maj F.A. Roberts RAAC (Adrian)1972-1973Officer Instructor/Appointment (?) TBC.
53Jun 64Lt/Capt P.J. Schuman MC RA Inf (Peter)1967-1968Officer Instructor. Peter marched in to OCS as a Lt with SAS tours of Borneo & Vietnam under his belt. He was awarded a Military Cross (MC) for his service in SVN, giving him a full row of ribbons. He was an inspiration to cadets undergoing officer training during this early commitment to SVN with his veteran status and it being just three years from his own graduation. He was promoted to T/Capt shortly after his arrival. RIP Peter!
54Jun 64Capt N.J. Dix RAAOC (Noel)1970-1971 Officer Instructor.
55Jun 64Capt E.S. Brannigan RAE (Ed)1971-1972Officer Instructor.
56Jun 64Capt R. Hutchison AA Avn (Ross)1971-1972Officer Instructor.
57Jun 64Maj J.D. McAloney MC RA Inf (John)1975-1976 (?) TBC.
58Dec 64Maj J.A. George RA Inf (John)1977-1978Maj Trg Coord.
59Dec 64Capt P.J. Fox RA Inf (Peter)1969-1971Officer Instructor.
60Dec 64Capt P.J. Gould RA Inf (Phil)1970-1971Officer Instructor.
61Dec 64Capt K.T. Lewis RA Inf (Kevin)1972-1973Officer Instructor.
62Jun 65Capt C.M. Jones RAAOC (Chris)1972-1973Officer Instructor.
63Jun 65Capt I.J.K. McLean RAE (Ian)1972-1973Officer Instructor.
64Jun 652Lt I.C. Keenan RAEME (Ian)1965Administrative Officer. (Ian loved OCS & did not want to leave!!).
65Dec 65Capt J.R. Ison RA Inf (John)1974-1975Officer Instructor.
66Dec 65Capt B.V. Keevers RAEME (Bruce)1974-1975Officer Instructor.
67Dec 65Capt M. McKeown RAAOC (Mike)1974-1975Officer Instructor.
68Jun 66Capt J.R. James RA Inf (John)1970-1971Officer Instructor.
69Jun 66Capt P.R. Austen RAA (Peter)1971-1973 (TBC?)Officer Instructor.
70Jun 66Capt S.B. Coolahan RAEME (Bryan)1972-1973Officer Instructor.
71Jun 66Capt T.J. Nolan RA Inf (Terry)1972-1973Officer Instructor.
72Jun 66Maj P.J. Hayden RA Inf (Phil)1981-1982SI(?)
73Jun 66Maj J.A. Fitzsimon RA Inf (Jim)1981-1982Major Admin.
74Dec 66Capt P.J. Fitzpatrick. R Aust Sigs (Peter)1970-1972Officer Instructor. Governor General Medallist Winner Dec 66.
75Dec 66Capt P.H. Fraser RA Inf (Peter)1972-6/1974Officer Instructor.
76Dec 66Capt J.D. Mills RAA/RAASC (John)1974-1975Officer Instructor.
77Dec 66Capt A.P. Thorp RAE (Peter)1975-1976Officer Instructor.
78Jun 67Capt R.H. Dakers RAAEC (Bob)1971-1972Officer Instructor.
79Jun 67Capt R.K. Buchanan R Aust Sigs (Robert)1972-1973 (TBC?)Officer Instructor.
80Jun 67Capt A.J. Daniels RA Inf (Tony)1974-1975Officer Instructor.
81Dec 67Capt M.J. Edwards RA Inf (John)1974-1975Officer Instructor.
82Dec 67Maj J.E. Alcock RA Inf (John)1980-1981Appointment (?) TBC.
83Dec 67Maj W.R. Butler RAAC (Wayne)1982-1983Appointment (?) TBC.
84Jun 68Capt P.G. Badcock RAAOC (Phil)1974-1975Officer Instructor.
85Jun 68Capt G.R. Donoghue RAASC/RACT (Gary)1975-1976Officer Instructor.
86Jun 68Capt W.J. Foxall RAA (William)1976-1977Officer Instructor.
87Jun 68Capt J.B. Langler RA Inf (John)1975-1976Officer Instructor.
88Dec 68Capt T. McGovern RA Inf (Terry)1976-1977Officer Instructor.
89Dec 68Maj R.J. Shillabeer RA Inf (Ray)1983-1984Major Admin.
90Jun 69Capt A.W. Hunter RA Inf (Alan)1977-1978Officer Instructor.
91Jun 69Capt E.F. McCrum R Aust Sigs (Evan)1978-1979Officer Instructor.
92Dec 69Maj K.M. Byrne RA Inf (Kevin)1985-1986SI Fd Wing.
93Dec 70Capt J.D. Petrie RA Inf (John)1976-1977Officer Instructor.
94Dec 70Capt I.M. Stewart RAE (Ian)1978-1979Officer Instructor.
95Dec 70Capt J.R. Poiner RAE/RAAOC (John)1980-1981Officer Instructor.
96Dec 71Capt J.W. Stanford RA Inf (John)1979-1980Officer Instructor.
97Jun 72Capt G.D. Lourigan RAE (Gary)1980-1981Officer Instructor.
98Dec 72Capt W.W. Rudland RAEME (Wayne)1976-1977Officer Instructor.
99Dec 72Capt K.J. Gillespie RAE (Ken)1976-1977Officer Instructor. Chief of Army Jul 2008 to Jun 2011
100Dec 72Capt P.A. Lewis RAAOC (Phil)1979-1980Officer Instructor.
101Dec 72Capt R.A.H. Murray R Aust Sigs (Rob)1980-1981Officer Instructor.
102Dec 72Capt M.P. Dinnison RAA (Mike)1981-1982Officer Instructor.
103Jun 73Capt R.W. Poldoja RAAOC (Rudi)1981-1983Officer Instructor.
104Jun 73Capt I.J. Robinson RA Inf (Ian)1982-1983Officer Instructor.
105Dec 73Capt J.A. Hunt RAAOC (John)1977-1979Officer Instructor.
106Dec 73Capt K.M. Riley RAEME (Kevin)1980-1981Officer Instructor.
107Dec 73Capt S.J. Cairns RAA (Steve)1980-1981Officer Instructor.
108Dec 73Capt J.D. Duff RAAC (John)1982-Apr 1984 Officer Instructor.
109Dec 73Capt P.R. Franklin RAA (Peter)1983-1984Officer Instructor.
110Dec 73Capt R.W. Dobie RAAC (Rick)1984-1985Officer Instructor.
111Dec 74Capt B.W. Whinfield RACT (Brian)1982-1983Officer Instructor.
112Dec 74Capt D.J.R. Smith R Aust Sigs (David)1984-1985Officer Instructor.
113Jun 75Capt D.G. Blandford RAEME (Don)1981-1982Officer Instructor.
114Jun 75Capt R.J. Foster RAA (Reg)1982-1983Officer Instructor.
115Jun 75Capt M.L. Corne RAAOC (Mike)1984-1985Officer Instructor.
116Jun 75Capt K.S. Fraser RA Inf (Keith)1984-1985SO3 Coord.The last OCS Graduate to “march out” of the “OCS” Portsea gates on 3 Feb 86 during the handover to the School of Army Health. Keith alighted at the gates & saluted it as a “ceremonial gesture” on behalf of all the graduates & staff who had passed that way. An “historical moment” indeed!
117Dec 75Capt B.A.R. Scott RA Inf (Bruce)1981-1982Officer Instructor.
118Dec 75Capt D.C. Ryan RAA (Dan)1984-1985Officer Instructor.
119Jun 76Capt R.P. Hogan AACC (Robin)1983Catering Officer.
120Dec 76Capt P.M. McKenzie AA Avn (Peter)1983Officer Instructor.
121Dec 76Capt P.M. Standen RA Inf (Peter)1985Officer Instructor.(Moved to RMC on Portsea closedown).
122Dec 76Capt J.Y. Foote AA Avn (Jeff)1984-1985Officer Instructor.
123Dec 77Capt G.R. Lane RAAOC (Greg)1981-1982Admin Officer.
124Dec 78Capt G.R. Ashmore RAEME (Glen)1983-1984Officer Instructor.
125Dec 78Capt M.D. Southward RA Inf (Martin)1985Officer Instructor. (Moved to RMC on Portsea closedown).
126Dec 80Capt G. Yacoub RAEME (George)1985Officer Instructor. (Moved to RMC on Portsea closedown).
127Jun 82Lt C.D. Tremills RAAOC (Carl)1983-1984Assistant QM.
128Jun 82Lt R.E. Chappell AACC (Rob)1984-1985Catering Officer.