Portsea Article

A recent article in the Peninsula Essence provided some historical information on the Point Nepean Quarantine Station and was based on content provided by Ossie Kleinig (Dec 57) amongst others.

The addition of the new statue features in the article.

You can visit the Peninsula Essence website here or read the article in this extract.


OCS Cadet Statue

The statue concept origianlly developed by the late Bob de Haas has beeen implemented. The feedback the Alumni has received has been extremely positive.

We have been advised that there have been many visits to the site and we have received considerable positive feedback. Most recently, we have been advised that the local community is responding quite positively to the construction of the statue.

We would love to hear the thoughts of those who have visited the site. If you have visited, please use the Comments section to provide us some feedback on your experience.

ANZAC Day 2021

The following is a post by John Goodchap from the OCS Facebook page for those not into social media.

Anzac Day 2021 OCS Portsea Memorial Statue – Graduates of Jun 74 laid a wreath at 1000hrs in remembrance of those who paid the supreme sacrifice. Attendees were (left to right) Bernie Hartley (wreath layer) representing NZ, John Goodchap and Colin Judge. Portsea was at its best weather wise, being crisp and sunny. As can be seen in the photo the statue is attracting attention as on arrival another wreath and single rose was already at the site. Hopefully this will be a continuing trend. LEST WE FORGET

Well done that team. Perhaps the start of a tradition?

The Statue Work Begins

The progress towards having the statue in place at Portsea is under way.

Previous reports have indicated that there have been several rounds of work on the preparation for casting the statue. This is now nearing the final stages with the pouring to take place shortly.

Work has also begun at Portsea to build the footings for the statue. The photos below show :

  • Top row – Dedication 1967, Site for statue cleaned by Parks Victoria 2020
  • Bottom row – Headstone Coy commenced Siteworks 3 Dec 2020, Headstone Siteworks 4 Dec

Work will continue to finish the footings and then once the statue arrives, it will be mounted. Timeframes depend on current pandemic restrictions.