5 thoughts on “Portsea Statue Proposal Report #18”

  1. Love seeing the updates on the statue. You all have done an incredible job making this vision a reality. Dad would be so proud – I look forward to seeing and hopefully visiting the statue when it’s installed.

    1. Hi Samantha,
      In August 2008 your Dad visited a Mr Corlett, a Melbourne based Sculptor, with his vision for a Statue at Portsea. Bob and Paul Asbury then put it to the OCS Alumni members but the proposal stagnated due to changing control of what is now the Point Nepean National Park.
      Today that vision is a reality! Very shortly a Virtual Unveiling Ceremony will take place. This will be placed on the OCS Website by our Webmaster in Rob Murray. Rob has picked up from where Bob left off. We all hope that ALL of Bob’s dependents will draw comfort from the finished product now being installed.
      3 Mar 2021

  2. Greg (and other interested OCS Alumni Members),
    Late today we were advised of a delay in the delivery date for the Statue. We expect this to put the virtual unveiling date back even further in Mar 2021. As stated in the previous earlier post, Members will be advised both on the website (and also through the Class Orderly network).
    Ossie Kleinig
    6:30 PM 5 Feb 2021

  3. A perfect location for the statue overlooking the parade ground in the foreground and the bay beyond. I look forward to seeing it one day once the Rona is despatched into history, if that ever happens.
    Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to bring this project alive! Almost there guys!
    Greg Pike December 1972

    1. Thanks Greg on behalf of the whole Team.
      Keep an eye on the website for Rob Murray’s (our OCS Alumni’s Webmaster) Virtual Unveiling Ceremony. This should be up on the web in early Mar 2021 (if not late Feb).
      Ossie Kleinig
      5 Feb 2021

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