The Statue Work Begins

The progress towards having the statue in place at Portsea is under way.

Previous reports have indicated that there have been several rounds of work on the preparation for casting the statue. This is now nearing the final stages with the pouring to take place shortly.

Work has also begun at Portsea to build the footings for the statue. The photos below show :

  • Top row – Dedication 1967, Site for statue cleaned by Parks Victoria 2020
  • Bottom row – Headstone Coy commenced Siteworks 3 Dec 2020, Headstone Siteworks 4 Dec

Work will continue to finish the footings and then once the statue arrives, it will be mounted. Timeframes depend on current pandemic restrictions.

2 thoughts on “The Statue Work Begins”

  1. Well done to the statue committee. I look forward to the unveiling, and let’s hope that conditions mean we can be present.
    I wonder if there has there been any consideration of landscaping and plantings in the vicinity of the statue to enhance its location?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your comment. There will be some planting done to add turf to the area but at this stage not much more has been planned. Parks Victoria have cleaned the area up in preparation for the installation and that made a significant difference.
      It is amazing how the shrubs have grown over the years.
      Watch this space for pictures.
      Rob – Webmaster

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