Tassie All Class Reunion

After talking with Rob Murray, Rob Jones took up the challenge of organising an all class get together down in the Apple Isle. Here are his notes from the event.

Well in the end seven of us veterans of OCS , plus one partner, gathered for lunch at the New Sydney Hotel in Hobart.

Attendees from left to right as you look at it Bill Kaine , June 63, Bruce Cook, December 73, David Solomon, December 54, Mark Cooper, June 84, Rob Jones, December 72, Margaret Manning partner to Graeme, they’ve been married 68 years I think. Graeme Manning, June 52 an original,  and Denis Pegg,  June 63.

It was a great afternoon. Several of us still there closing in on 5 o’clock. Amazing really the bond a place like Portsea built. Many of us had never met before but you would have thought we had been together as friends for life.  Well worth the effort.

Loyalty and Service

Rob, thanks a lot for organising this and let’s hope you have many more. Perhaps the challenge is now there for other areas. Our SE Queensland lunch is looking good for 6 December. There are over 60 booked so far!

4 thoughts on “Tassie All Class Reunion”

  1. Hi Rob,
    I live in Hobart and was unaware that you were in my AO. If there is an all class event again in Tassie- could you include me on the invite list please.

  2. What a fantastic gathering. Well done Rob Jones for making it happen. Regards

  3. Great to see that instant comraderie built-in by the common bond of the OCS Portsea experience. Well done Rob Jones and the graduates from Tasmania.
    Paul Asbury

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