Portsea Ring Proposal Update 11 June 2020

PLEASE NOTE: No orders being taken at this stage. Do not indicate interest as this is not being tracked. Please wait for further directions in a new Post once final design and suppliers approved.

A note from Ash Pagett:

Alumni and Classmates (6/83) – I just wanted to let you all know that today I received delivery of the prototype OCS Portsea Alumni Ring to review for acceptability. I have to say that, on initial eyeballing of the large sized 9ct yellow gold ring, it looks magnificent. The attention to detail in text on the badge and scroll, the proportions, the use of white and yellow gold in the badge with the two red/blue colours surrounding the badge looks excellent. There is a question over the colour matching of the red colour (might be a tad too burnt orange), but this is not structural and is easily resolved through consultation between our Singapore designer and the Victorian manufacturer (Graduation College Rings – Australia). We also have an RFQ out to a US company which is lagging the Aust firm by some weeks I believe. I have posted some photos today on the FB OCS group pages for which I am a member and will try to post some here too; through Paul Asbury and Ossie Kleinig. More information on precious metals available in 9 & 18 ct gold (white, yellow, rose), Silver & Platinum, and three sizes including large, medium and small (ladies size).

12 thoughts on “Portsea Ring Proposal Update 11 June 2020”

  1. Hi Ash,

    Maybe I missed something. Are the rings available? if so, how do we get them so I can let the Class know. Cheers, Neil

  2. Hi Ash, As per Orderly email direction to contact you on this means. Please how I can go about current status of the ring project and details for ordering one. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers. Coops

  3. Ash,
    clearly the others didn’t read the pinks properly. I’m surprised you didn’t give them a scramble track or two for failing in attention to detail.
    It’s a great ring. Looks fantastic. Well done on getting that sorted. I shall happily leverage off your hard work and secure one when available.
    In the meantime I shall stand by with credit card in the Action state until you give the command to watch and shoot…

  4. I wish to ourchase a Portsea yellow gold 9 carat ring, 13 cms. Let me know of availability and price.

    Dan Gilfedder

    1. Dan, don’t many of us? However, a couple of things to note first. Given the inability to get bulk discounts, the scale of the likely purchases, the cost per ring, the variability of orders (not one type fits all unlike the OCS Q store – size, ring size, precious metal type, etc), the quantity of cash to be transacted, etc, etc (you get the point I am sure), we are not going to manage a group purchase for the Alumni and others. It will be an individual decision and procurement transaction directly with the chosen manufacturer. Our grad class, 6/83 have just done the ground work (thx Carl Corbett, Kiwi based on his knowledge of the 1RNZIR ring work) to get the excellent design completed, acquisition process to release an RFQ to a couple of grad ring manufacturers, and I have done a design review of the prototype ring (which is excellent). We are yet to negotiate costs per size, type of precious metal, etc. So more news to follow… Thx Ash

  5. Also, given the recent price hikes in precious metals, everyone considering a purchase should make themselves fully informed about the type of previous metal and % content (carats) and value for money purchasing decision.

    1. Thanks for your interest, but we are not at that stage yet. Essentially, this is a graduation class (6/83) project for our next reunion which, of course, all alumni are welcome to leverage. However, given the costs involved and financial risk, it will be an individual decision to purchase and manage the payments directly with the manufacturer we choose.

    2. See my follow-up general comment which also answers your question Chris. BLUF: we are not handling the purchasing of these rings, this is a personal financial and management process, not via our class.

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