OCS Story Collection

Parks Victoria, the current managers of the Point Nepean National Park have asked for some support in relation to Portsea. The following is the detail of a request from them in relation to maintaining interest and history of the Officer Cadet School.

This request includes information from past staff as well as past cadets.

Please fee free to respond directly with a copy to the Alumni (webmaster@ocsportsea.org) for record purposes.

Welcome back to your Officer training grounds here at Point Nepean National Park.

I am collecting stories and memories from Officer Cadets that trained here with a view to using these in a future story telling display of the history of the OCS at the Quarantine Station. 

If you would like to share any stories, memories, or photos of your time here with the permission to potentially have them on public display please contact me via details below. They can be as brief or as long as you like – remember to include dates you were here, your Platoon and your rank.

Thank you –


Pamela Fellows

Visitor and Community Engagement

Point Nepean National Park

T (03) 8427 2463

PO Box 485, Sorrento Victoria 3943



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  1. Pamela also welcomes stories from former staff members of OCS along with photos if possible.
    We often forget about the incredible work put in by all the staff with the aim of supporting and training of the officer cadets.

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