Class Photographs

We are slowly putting together more detail to return the site to something that Bob de Haas would be proud of. There are challenges that we uncover from time to time. Our current one is simple yet challenging.

Class photos are gradually being added. We are up to 1960 and moving.

We have all the class photographs plus names that accompany each photo indicating those present, and in some instances those absent!!! On checking though, some of our eagle eyed helpers have identified some small errors in the lists.

If you are able to help provide an accurate listing of names as seated/standing, preferably from your class list, please contact us so we can discuss the list with you. Leave a Comment or use the Contact Us form.

Thank you for your assistance.

2 thoughts on “Class Photographs”

  1. Hi

    Good to see all this effort and I am very much looking forward to the Statue. I am sure that it will be very special and, like others, will travel to see it.

    I recently passed on a number of photographs from my time at OCS (as an instructor). Some of these have been included in the official history, most are in the OCS journals. I have been going through my ‘archives’ as part of a pre-move cull. The photos I dug up were ‘rescued’ at the close of OCS (I was the Journal Officer and tried very hard to get all the missing journals from the 1970s and 80s done in my ample spare time).

    The ones I found I have passed on to the museum at RMC. As I discover others, I will also send them to that museum. I have also passed on spare copies of any OCS Class Journals I found, including several copies of the last one – produced with a glossy cover etc following some great cooperation from the manager of Defence Printing who ‘found’ some money to pay for this!

    I am sure that the museum team can provide copies for this website. They also hold a copy of ‘An Officer and a Lady’.

    As a single, living-in officer at OCS, I had the privilege of being ‘entertained’ by the daily morning parades. As you know, these were all preparation for the graduation parade. The (then) Band of the 3rd Military District produced an audiotape to be used for these parades. I hold most of the tracks in digital form now. I note that you have clean versions of Portsea and By Land and by Sea. I have these and the rest. Just let me know if you would like these.

    Thanks for taking on this task.

    1. Klaus, thank you very much for your comments and offers. I will be back in touch after a short break.

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