Class of June 1982

The graduating class of June 1982.

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A Company
S.J. Day J.L.W. Sandman S.C. Pickering M.R. White C.D. Tremills

D. Carroll S.P. Trotter M.C. Ross Z. Vukcevic P.C. Proudfoot I.W. Coombe P. Liakopoulos

Alex C. Capina A.R. Dugdale A.J. Griffiths M.R. Collie C.J. MacNisn S.P. Wagener C.N. Reynolds R.J. Pearson

R.E. Chappell N.D. Brodie W.S. Jolly R.M. Duda S.N. Tyrrell M.J. Tregenza K.F. White W.G. Snell P.F. Green

B Company
S.B. Althaus A.G. Bokor B.T. Rickerby R.P. Cassidy P.T. Roney M.B. Matthews A. Dontas

Low Chee Khiong M. Leichsenring K.M. Knott G.I. Harrison C.J. Jameson J.C. Boyter S. Foden P.H. Smith Quirino Calonzo

G.D. Mewburn C.J. Pearce R.U.G. Bosi R.A. Joy S.N. Tyrrell M.H. Pearson P.J. Leonard C. Taggart C.A. Johnston
Family NameGiven Name/s CorpsContact Details Known
Althaus *Stuart Ballinger AA Avn, RA Sigs Y
Bokor Andrew George RAE Y
Bosi Richard Umberto Guerrino RA Inf Y
Boyter John Charles RAAOC Y
Brodie Neil David Aust Int Y
Calonzo Quirino AFP Cav Y
Capina Alex Camero AFP Inf Y
Carroll Danny RACMP, AA Avn Y
Cassidy Richard Phillip RNZE
Chappell Robert Edward AACC Y
Collie Michael Robert RAAOC Y
Coombe Ian Warwick RAA Y
Day Stephen Julian RAE Y
Dontas Alexander RAEME Y
Duda (Ashton)Raymond Mark RAAC Y
Dugdale Arthur Reginald AA Avn, RA Sigs Y
Foden Stephen RA Sigs Y
Green Philip Francis AA Avn
Griffiths Andrew John AA Avn Y
Harrison Geoffrey Israel RACT Y
Jameson Christopher James AA Avn Y
Johnston Craig Anthony RA Inf Y
Jolly Warren Stewart RAE Y
Joy Roger Allen RA Sigs Y
Knott Kelly Michael RAEME Deceased
Leichsenring Michael RAA Y
Leonard Paul James RA Sigs Y
Liakopoulos Peter AA Avn, RA Svy Y
Loh Chee Khiong SAF Engrs
MacNish Cameron James RACT Y
Matthews Mark Bradley RA Inf Y
Mewburn Guy Desmond RAEME Y
Pearce Christopher John RNZA
Pearson Mark Hubert RAAOC Y
Pearson Raymond James AA Avn Y
Pickering Samuel Charles FIR Y
Proudfoot Peter Cameron RAAC Y
Reynolds Charles Noel RAA Y
Rickerby Bradley Thomas RAAOC Y
Roney Paul Terrence RA Inf Y
Ross Mark Campbell RA Inf Y
Sandman John Leonard William RNZIR Y
Smith Peter Hay RAE
Snell Wayne Gregory RA Inf Y
Taggart Craig RAA Y
Tregenza Marcus James RAAC Y
Tremills Carl Donald RAAOC Deceased
Trotter Stephen Peter RA Inf Y
Tyrrell Shane Noel RA Inf Y
Vukcevic Zeljko RAEME
Wagener Stephen Philip RAEME Y
White Kevin Frank RA Sigs Deceased
White Mark Richard AA Avn Y


  1. ‘Y’ indicates contact details known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly