Class of June 1963

The graduating class of June 1963.

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D.R. Byers P.J. Edwards B.J. Armour N.C. Weinheimer J.E. Pickering F.A. Roberts J.F. Scully D.I. Pegg R.J. Wickham J.I.  Moller R.J.C. Dibble

B.E. Broadribb P.N. Wailes G.B.J. Leslie A. Bracey M.G. Nelson G.R. Maughan G.A. Sulc G.W. Kereama A.J. Poole J.N. Brandon

W.B. Flanagan D.K. Jamieson D.L.T. Wade K.R. Ryan G.W.F. Bennett L.E.D. Cooper B.J. Young W.M. Moore W.E. Kaine T.F. Elstob

C.J. Browne G.J. Swan R.J. Ivey R.F. Irwin E.W. Simpson R.L. Cross T.E. Dineen B.StJ. Gore C.J. Bain J.R. Elliott

Absent: S. Zagon G.W. Sibson G.V.P. Noonan M.G. Knispell
SurnameGiven Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
Armour Brian John RAAY
Bain Crawford John RNZEMEDeceased
Bennett Grahame William Francis NZ RegtY
Bracey Alexandre RNZASC, RAE, RAASC, RAAFY
Brandon Jeffrey Norman RAAOCY
BroadribbBrian Edward RA SigsY
Browne Colin John RAEY
Byers Douglas Roy RA InfY
Cooper Lloyd Ernest Darcy RA InfDeceased
Cross Ronald Leslie RNZAOCY
Dibble Robert James Claremont RAEMEY
Dinneen Terrence Edward RA InfY
Edwards Peter John RAASCDeceased
Elliott John Ronald RA InfY
Elstob Thomas Francis RAE, RAAOCY
Flanagan William Bevil RNZACY
Gore Brian St John RNZAY
Irwin Ronald Frank RAEMEN
Ivey Robert James RA InfY
Jamison David Keith RAAOCY
Kaine William Ernest RA InfY
Kereama George Whatanui NZ RegtY
Knispel Melville George RA ProDeceased
Leslie Graeme Benjamin JohnRAEMEDeceased
Maughan Graeme Roderick RAA, AA AvnY
Moller John Ignatius RAEDeceased
Moore *Warren Michael RNZ SigsY
Nelson Michael George RA InfY
Noonan Gregory Vincent Patrick RAEMEDeceased
Pegg Denis Ian RAEY
PickeringJohn Edward (Geoff) RAAC, Aust IntY
Poole Anthony John RAAY
Roberts Francis Adrian RAACDeceased
Ryan Kenneth Richard RA SigsY
Scully John Francis RAEMEY
Sibson Gary William RA SigsY
Simpson Edward William RAAOCDeceased
Sulc Jini Antonin Joseph (George) RA SigsY
Swan Garry John RAEMEY
Wade David Laurence ThomsonRAEY
Wailes Phillip Norman RAEY
WeinheimerNoel Charles RAASCY
Wickham Roger John RA Inf, Aust IntY
Young (Dannecker)Bernard Joseph (Ben) RAASC/RAAFY
Zagon Steven RA Inf, Aust IntY


  1. Y indicates contact details known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly