Class of June 1960

The graduating class of June 1960.

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Rear: C.G. Wotton E.J. Lyneham B.M. Kemp M.J. Mortimer G.L. Coat J.R. Cattell L.R. Streeting Y.M. Campbell

Middle: J.B. Earsman E.L. Batterbury J.A Leggett N. Sproles R.A. Farrell E.E. Coady P.A. van Valan L.H. Glanville B.L. Campton

Front: F.M. Kudnig A.L. Schaschke G.C. Skardon W.P.B. Brady J.A. Cope J.D. Collinson S.A.P. Davies E.J.D. Smith
SurnameGiven Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
BatterburyEdward LeslieRAADeceased
BradyWilliam Peter BrianNZ RegtDeceased
CampbellVictor MalcolmRA SigsDeceased
CamptonBarry LeonardRAAY
CattellJohn RupertRA SvyDeceased
CoadyEdward EvanRAE, RACTDeceased
CoatGeoffrey LawranceRAEMEY
CollinsonJohn DavidNZ RegtDeceased
CopeJohn AnthonyRA InfDeceased
DaviesStephen Albert PhilipRNZASCDeceased
EarsmanJames BarryNZ RegtDeceased
FarrellRichard ArthurRAAY
GlanvilleIan HaroldRA Inf/PNGDF
KempBruce MichaelRAEY
KudnigFranz MartinRA InfY
LeggettJohn AnthonyRAACY
LynehamEdward JohnRAASC, RAAOCY
MortimerMaxwell JamesRAAOCY
SchaschkeArthur LambertRAEDeceased
SkardonGeoffrey CharlesRA InfY
SmithEdward John DrummondRA SigsDeceased
Sproles*NoelRA SvyY
StreetingLloyd RossRAACDeceased
van Valen (VanvalenPeter AdrianRA SigsY
WottonChristopher GeraldRNZACY


  1. Y indicates Contact Details Known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly – current Position Vacant