Class of June 1954

The graduating class of June 1954.

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Rear: B.J. Stark D.L. Hill A.W. Anderson A.R. Murdoch C.L.T. McDonagh I.J. Hamilton K.E. Stipcewich G. Hill-Smith G.C. Andrews L.A. Kelly D.M. Grant M.A. Thompson

Middle: C.W. Bridge T.R. Bates L.P. Tonagh N.J. Rogers P.S. Constantine K.J. Redman P.D. Lipscombe M.D. King B.J. McCracken W.J. Kirby-Jones T.B. Fuller G.N. Welsh J.F. Feakes

Front: B.W. Palmer J.J. Tattam H.L. Reynolds V.C. Hotchkiss K.J. Bladen W.B.S.  Anderson J.L. Macpherson J.G. Cosson M.C.S. Pedler D. Rankine W.D. Lessels M.M. Thomson B.J. O'Neill
Last NameFirst Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
Anderson William Bruce SarinRAEDeceased (5 May 58)
Anderson Alan WalkerRAASC, RAAOCDeceased (31 Aug 04)
Andrews Gavin Charles MBERAADeceased (30 Aug 89)
Barry Bruce PatrickRAADeceased (11 Feb 06)
Bates Terence RaymondRAASC, RAAOCDeceased (15 Dec 15)
Bladen Kenneth John AM RA InfDeceased (22 Feb 19)
Bridge Clive WilliamRA InfDeceased (28 Jul 61)
Brock Peter LawrenceRAAOCDeceased (18 Apr 15)
ConstantinePhilip ScurrahRAASCY
Cosson John GeorgeRAAOCY
FeakesJohn TrevorRAASCDeceased (26 Jun 20)
Fuller Thomas BrianRAAY
Grant Donald Morrison AM, RFDRAEY
Hamilton Ian JamesRAEDeceased (15 May 15)
Hill Deane LeightonRA InfDeceased (11 Aug 22)
Hill‑Smith Graeme DFCRAA, AA AvnDeceased (12 Jun 18)
Hotchkiss Victor CharlesRAASC, Aust IntDeceased (28 May 64)
Kelly Laurence ArthurRA SigsDeceased
KingMaurice DixonRAEDeceased (4 Jan 07)
Kirkby‑JonesWilliam James AMRAACDeceased (29 May 15)
Lessels William DavidRAEDeceased (16 Jan 1988)
Lipscombe Paul Desmond AMRAASC, AA AvnDeceased (15 Dec 05)
Macpherson *John LachlanRAAY
McCrackenBrian JamesRA InfDeceased
McDonagh Charles Lindsay ThornRAASC, RACTDeceased (17 Jun 2018)
Murdoch Alexander RossRAADeceased (25 Jun 15)
O'Neill Barry JosephRAADeceased (8 Jan 09)
Palmer Brian WilliamRAADeceased (26 Mar 98)
Pedler Maxwell Charles SutherlandRA InfDeceased (May 97)
Rankine David MCRA InfDeceased (12 Jul 20)
Redman Kenneth JamesRA SigsY
Reynolds Hugh LawrenceRAASCY
Rogers Neil James OAMRAADeceased (21 Jul 01)
Stark Bruce JohnRAAY
Sticpewich Keith Edmund OAMRA InfDeceased (6 Oct 02)
Tattam James JohnRA InfDeceased (19 Feb 08)
Thompson Michael MilesRAAY
Thomson Malcolm AndrewRAEDeceased (Dec 15)
Tonagh Leslie PeterRAASC, RACTDeceased (11 Jul 20)
Welsh Gregory NeilRAAOCDeceased (Jul 05)


  1. ‘Y’ indicates contact details known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly