Class of December 1962

The graduating class of December 1962.

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E.L Quartermaine I.F. Maloney P.R Parsons K.M. Alcock J.M. Kiff R.B. French M.T.R Wilkinson L.N. Francis M.F. Tobin

J.R. Brien K.D. Plew P.D. Wort R. Arcega N.T. Davidson Ruperto A. Ambil T.D. McBeth

E.F. Allanson W.R.K. Wilson P.S. Sullivan R.W. Supple Osman bin Ibrahim W.J. Parker R.G. Parr B.W. Kennedy R.R. Player

D.D. McKenzie J.T. Wright R.J. Phillips N.G. Mason-Jones E.I. Manuera S.J. Willetts Ben Hasbullah bin Yusof G.I. Foster R.H. Brown

Two non-graduates missing names second row from back
SurnameGiven Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
Alcock Keith Michael RAE, RACTY
Allanson Evan Frederick RAEY
Ambil Jr Ruperto Asis AFP InfDeceased
Arcega Rafael AFP InfY
Bon Hasbullah bin Yusof SSRDeceased
Brien John Richard RAE, RACTY
Brown Raymond Howard RAEMEY
Davidson Neil Thomas RA SigsDeceased
Foster Gordon Ian RAAOCY
Francis Leslie Norman RAASC, RAAOCY
French Raymond Barry RA InfDeceased
Kennedy Brian William RAAY
Kiff John Murray RNZEY
Maloney Ian Francis RAEY
Manuera Eru Ihaka NZ RegtDeceased
Mason‑Jones Nicoll Gwyn RAAY
McBeth * Terence David RNZAOCY
McKenzie Donald David RAE, RA InfY
Osman bin Ibrahim RMRDeceased
Parker William John RAACY
Parr Richard George RAAOCY
Parsons Paul Reginald RNZACDeceased
Phillips Raymond John RAEY
PlayerRobert ReginaldRAEMEY
Plew Kevin Desmond RAEME, RAASCY
Quartermaine Eli Lloyd RA Inf, RAAOCDeceased
Sullivan Peter Stephen NZ RegtY
Supple Robert William RA InfY
Tobin Martin Francis RAAOCY
Wilkinson Malcolm Thomas RawcliffeRAAY
Willetts Stuart John RNZADeceased
Wilson Wara Rakau Kaimoana RNZASCY
Wort Peter Donald RAEMEDeceased
Wright John Trevor RA InfY


  1. Y indicates contact details known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly