Class of December 1961

The graduating class of December 1961.

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K.R. Cole Tengku Annuar* D.A. Livingston C.J. Brewer M.E.M. Stanford P.G. Frazer* Luciano L. Divino Romeo D. Lopez

Wan Nordin bin Wan Mohammad Surajit Shinawatra Mustafa bin Saad R.A. Dickson G.R. Graham B.C. Rissel G.J. Porter K W. Tomkinson W.A. La Galle

P. O'Brien E.M.H. Heslin Q. Sheather* J.W.H. Lobb B.D. Glyde J.J. Walker R.K. Pettit L.J. Foley S. Amburger V.R.I. Steiner

D.J. Grant D.J. Anspach P.B.A. Williams J.W. Ryan B.B. Lennon R.B. Milligan J.R. Maloney B.J. Wadie B.S. Dyer

Absent: D. Lopez * Not a graduate
SurnameGiven Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
Anspach Dennis JohnRAEDeceased
Brewer Colin John RA Inf
Cole Kevin RaymondRAEME
Dickson Robert AlexanderRAAOC
Divino Luciano LobodanAFP Inf
Dyer Barry StanleyNZ Regt
Foley Lawrence JohnRAEME
Glyde Brian David RAE
Graham Gordon ReginaldRAE
Grant David John RNZAC
Heslin Edward Michael HaroldRAE
La Galle Winston ArchibaldRA InfDeceased
Lennon Barry BaxterRAE
LivingstonDennis ArthurRA SigsDeceased
Lobb John Walter HowardRAEME
Lopez Romeo DalaoAFP Inf
Maloney James RichardNZ Regt
Milligan Robert BruceRA InfKIA
Mustafa bin SaadMFA
O'Brien Paul RAACDeceased
Pettit Roger KeithRA InfDeceased
Porter Graham JohnRA Inf
Rissel *Barry CharlesRAASCY
Ryan James WalterRAADeceased
Stanford Michael Edwin Mark RAASC, RACTDeceased
Steiner Victor Robert IvanRAAY
Surajit ShiniwatraRTAFKIA
TomkinsonKeith WilliamRAEDeceased
Wadie Bryan Joh RAEDeceased
Walker Joseph JamesNZ Regt
Wan Nordin bin Wan MohammadRMR
Williams PeterRNZAKIA


  1. Y indicates Contact Details Known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly