ANZAC Day Wreaths

Today, John Goodchap from the Class of June 1974 was up and about early to visit the site for a personal Dawn Service. He said it was quite moving being the only person there in the pre-dawn light.

John added a single rose to the wreath provided by the Rye RSL.

He then used the car radio to broadcast The Last Post as played on ABC radio.

John then visited the site later in the morning to lay a wreath on behalf of his graduating class. Thank you Class of June 1974.

He took the following photos for reflection. If you look closely you can see a flypast as specks in the sky.

3 thoughts on “ANZAC Day Wreaths”

  1. Well Done both…and for me, that old feeling was still there as: for the first time in over half a century, I walked OCS silently the morning after attending Rye RSL ANZAC Day service (courtesy of John Wilson) whilst recalling faces, events (and odd personal embarrassments!) to Aotearoa’s loveliest export.

    Website Men, Thankyou for your Service – and for the work you do for us.
    Roger Tingley/Dec 65

  2. Rob, Appears you have had too many coffees laced with rum at the Dawn Service. It’s John Goodchap not Chapman (but pretty close) on the ANZAC Day Wreaths notice. Take 2 x EDs lack of attention to detail. Change it quick before we have to shout the bar. You for doing it and me for not identifying it.

    1. Thanks John. I occasionally make errors to see if anyone reads what I write. I should have known not to choose you.
      Lucky it was half time in the NRL and I could change things.
      I have noted the two EDs and banked them for future use.

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