Class of June 1964

The graduating class of June 1964.

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P. MacLeod D.H. Francis J.R. Bourke S. Cartner M.H. Dreschler O.S. Lind E. Arentz R.G. Birse M.W. Galt J.P. Power J.B. Finnerty E.R Kellett A.H. Brown

H.C. Oakley-Browne J.P. Dwyer J.C. Hoare J.P.  Nelson G.H. Ross A.G. Howell T.A. Griffiths J.F. Irvine G.M. Field R.  Hutchinson M.G. Kinna C.E. Leggett A.T. De'Laney J.A. Henderson J.D. McAloney R.W. Pridmore

G.H. Cusack R.J. Boyle F.W. Lord J.H. Dikkenberg J.D. Thornton D.J.  Methven K.J. McTaggart N.E. Brown P.M. Ingram J.W. Marshall W.C. Brown P.L.  Perriman A.E. Hayes M.P. McCallum

J.A. Kitching R.D. Swan L.J. Olive D.J.  Harris T.W. Roderick J.M. Mackie S.G. Morris P.J.W. Wright P.J. Schuman D.L.  Miller E.W. Anderson R.G. Beatson M.F.J. Bent

Absent: E.S. Brannigan N.J. Dix R.T. Colso
Family NameGiven Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
Anderson Eric William RAAMCDeceases
Arentz Erik RAEMEY
Beatson Raymond Garth RNZIRY
Bent Michael Frederick John RNZASCDeceased
Birse Robert Graham RAA Deceased SVN
Bourke James Raymond RA InfDeceased
Boyle Robert John RAE, RACTY
Brannigan Edward Samuel RAEDeceased
Brown Norman Edward RA InfDeceased
Brown William Charles RA Sigs Deceased
Brown Albert Henry RAEY
Cartner Steven RAEMEY
Colson Robert Thomas RAASC, RACTDeceased
Cusack Graeme Hugh RA SigsDeceased
De'Laney Alfred Thomas RAAOCY
Dikkenberg John Henry RAAMCDeceased
Dix Noel Joseph RAAOCY
Dreschsler Malcolm Henry RAEMEDeceased
Dwyer John Patrick RA InfY
Field George Macarthur RNZASCY
Finnerty James Bernard RNZAOCY
Francis David Harris RAAY
Galt Maurice William RAAOCY
Griffiths Terence Allan RAEDeceased
Harris David John RAACY
Hayes Alan Edward RAACDeceased
Henderson John Andrew RNZADeceased
Hoare John Cameron RAASC, RACTY
Howell Anthony Gordon RNZIRY
Hutchinson Ross RAAY
Ingram * Peter Merryll RA Inf, AA AvnY
Irvine James Forbes RAAOCDeceased
Kellett Robert Samuel Victor RNZASCY
Kinna Michael George RAASCDeceased
Kitching John Andrews RAAMCDeceased
Leggett Craig Eyrl RA InfDeceased
Lind Owen Stephen RA InfY
Lord Frederick William RNZEME
Mackie James McGill RAASC, RACTDeceased
MacLeod Peter RAASC
Marshall John Warneford RAEMEY
McAloney John Douglas RA InfDied in Service
McCallum Michael Patrick RAEY
McTaggart Kevin John RA InfDeceased
Methven John David RA SigsY
Miller David Livingstone RAEMEY
Morris Stephen Gordon RAAOCY
Nelson John Peter RA InfDeceased
Oakley‑Brown Hugh Charles RNZIRY
Olive Laurence Jack RA SigsDeceased
Perriman Paul Lees RA SigsDeceased
Power John Patrick RA SigsY
Pridmore Ralph WilliamRAE, RACTY
Roderick Trevor William RA InfY
Ross Graham Henry RA InfY
Schuman Peter John RA InfDeceased
Swan Robert Douglas RAEMEDeceased
Thornton John David RAAY
Wright Philip James Weir RAAOCDeceased


  1. Y indicates contact details known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly