Class of June 1962

The graduating class of June 1962.

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G.J.M. Edis A.F. Clement R.B. Johnston H.E.N. Martens W.E. Sullivan I.K. Deayton D.H. Mason  I.D. Condon M.J. Burgess D.E. Gazzard G.N. Mulcahy l.R. Tamanivalu R.M. Tucker  P.Q. Horgan D.J. Reid

W.J. Giles R.H. Palmer B.R. AItham J.F. Digweed G.J. Moon  R.W. Thomson K.A. Anderson J.R Stuart J.C. Wilson J.S. Vautin* J.A.F. Purvis  F.D.L. Greenway C.J. Trickett L. Seal P.R. Eddy

J.S. Davidson J.T. Eisentrager  G.T. Reed D. Levenspiel I.M. Simpson L.H.M. Bayliss R.C. Guymer A.R. Kiwi C.E.  Brock M.W. Sheehan T.K. Tapuke A.W. White B.J. Avery S.S. Meiklejohn

* Not a graduate
SurnameGiven Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
Altham Brian Raymond RA SigsDeceased
Anderson Keith Andrew RA InfY
Avery Brian James RA InfY
Bayliss Lindsay Herbert Murdock RA InfDeceased
Brock Clinton Edward NZ RegtY
Burgess *Michael James RAEMEY
Clement Alwyn Fredrick NZ RegtDeceased
Condon Ian Douglas RAASCY
Davidson John Stuart RAADeceased
Deayton Ian Keith RAASCY
Digweed John Francis RAEMEY
Eddy Peter Richard RA SvyY
Edis Graeme John MerrallsRAEMEY
Eisentrager John Trevor RAEMEDeceased
Gazzard Donald Edward RAACY
Giles William James RA InfY
Greenway Frederick Dirk Leonardus RAEMEY
Guymer Ross Cameron RAACY
Horgan Patrick Quentin RNZEMEY
Johnston Ronald Buchanan RAEDeceased
Kiwi Arapeta Reti NZ RegtDeceased
Levenspiel David RA InfY
Martens Hans Ernest Nels RA InfDeceased
Mason David Hunter RNZASC
Meiklejohn Stewart Sinclair RAEMEDeceased
Moon Graham James RAEY
Mulcahy Gregory Norman RAEY
Palmer Rodney Henry RAEY
Purvis John Anthony Frederick RAASC, RACTDeceased
Reed Geoffrey Thornton RAAY
ReidDavid James RAAOCY
Seal Leonard RAAOCY
Sheehan Maurice William RA InfDeceased
Simpson Ian MacGregor RAADeceased
Stuart James Robert RAEMEDeceased
Sullivan William Edward RAEMEDeceased
Tamanivalu Ifereimi Ratuniyauravu FIRDeceased
Tapuke Tori Komeme RNZEY
Thomson Roger Winston RNZASCDeceased
Trickett Christopher John RAEDeceased
Tucker Richard Milson RA InfY
White Anthony Walter RA InfY
Wilson John Collison RAEMEY


  1. Y indicates contact details known
  2. * indicates Class Orderly