Class of June 1956

The graduating class of June 1956.

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Rear: K.H. Jackson J.A. Browne L.G. Halls G.E. Erickson G.E. Annear G.P. Warland

Middle: K.M. McDonald P.J. Smith I.T. Stewart R.G. Althaus L.P. Hubble B.E.J. Johnson

Front: R.A. Vickery J.R. Wilcock J.McE. Oxenham J.L. Mitchell R.A. Brazier B.D. Jenkins I.G. Darlington
Last NameFirst Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
Althaus Rodney GraemeRAADeceased
AnnearGraham EdwardRAADeceased
BrazierRoland ArthurRAAFDeceased
BrowneJohn AnthonyRAAY
DarlingtonIan GordonRAAY
EricksonGraham ErlandRAE
HallsLangdon GeorgeRAE
HubbleLeslie PhilanRA SigsY
JacksonKarl HenryRA InfY
Jenkins Barrington DesmondRAEDeceased
JohnsonBrian Edward JohnRAADeceased
McDonaldKevin MaxwellRA SigsDeceased
MitchellJohn LennonRA InfDeceased
OxenhamJohn McEvoyRAACDeceased
SmithPeter JamesRAEDeceased
Stewart *Iain ThomasRA InfDeceased
VickeryRobin AlbertRAEDeceased
WarlandGregory PatrickRA InfDeceased
WilcockJames RolandRAASCY


  1. ‘Y’ indicates class orderly
  2. * indicates Class Orderly