Class of June 1952

The graduating class of June 1952.

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Rear: G.B. Redding J.C. Stein W.D. Spencer G.J. Manning I.G. Hands W.J. Pidwell C.W. Scorgie J.M. Robinson P.F. Kent I.L.G. Campbell D.G. Robertson H.L. Bell J.O. Furner T.H.R Jackson N.C. Munro J.F. Williams J.A. McDonald P.P. Smith L.A. Wright R.K. Jones

Middle: D.M. Bourne R.J. Aitken B.W. Halstead J.M. Stewart R.F. Clark I. Throssell K.A. Webster R.G. Lange C.D.K Haywood R.J. Calvert B.W. Mcfarlane P.D. Cameron J. Stoddard J.L. Crump G.E. Mitchell H.J. Spalding A.F. Batchelor N.E.W. Granter H.J. Baker R.L. Sinclair

Front: G.E. Ball R.F. Merrell R.N. Callender J.C. Harding J.P. Nugent C.M. Wright C.F. Woods J.B. Roden J.B. Colquhoun C.A. Cunningham G. Selby-Adams L.G. Doyle J.J. Merrick A.R. Roberts P.L. Perman B.R. Lindsay D.F. PoIson R.W. Crothers G.F.B. Rickards P.F. de Cure J.M.C. Davis
Family NameGiven Name/sCorpsContact Details Known
AitkenRobert JohnRA InfDeceased
BakerHenry JamesRAADeceased
BallGeorge ErnestRAADeceased
BatchelorAlan FrankRAEY
BellHenry LaurieRA InfDeceased
BourneDonald MackenzieRA InfKIA
CallanderRonald NorcottRAASCY
CalvertRonald JohnRA InfDeceased
CameronPhilip DonaldRAE, RACTDeceased
CampbellIan Leslie GranthamRA InfDeceased
ClarkRichard FrederickRA InfY
ColquhounJohn BurrowesRA InfDeceased
CrothersRex WilliamRA Inf?
CrumpJohn LeslieRAADeceased
CunninghamColin AdrianRAAY
Davis Jeffre Malcolm ClydeRAEDeceased
de CurePaul FrancisRA InfDeceased
DoyleLawrence GerardRAA, AA AvnDeceased
FurnerJames OsmondRA InfDeceased
GranterNoel Ewart WilliamRA InfDeceased
HalsteadBruce WilliamRA InfY
HandsIan GordonRA InfDeceased
HardingJohn CameronRA InfDeceased
HaywoodColin David KinsleyRAADeceased
Jackson Thomas Henry RogerRA InfDeceased
JonesRobert KeithRA SigsDeceased
KentPatrick FrancisRA InfDeceased
LangeRonald GeorgeRA InfY
LindsayBrian RichardRA InfDeceased
ManningGraeme JohnRA InfY
McDonaldJames AnthonyRAEMEY
McFarlaneBrian WilliamRA InfY
MerrellRobert FrederickRA InfDeceased
MerrickJohn JosephRAE, RACTDeceased
MitchellGrant EvansRA InfDeceased
MunroNorman ClarkRA SigsY
NugentJames PeterRA SigsDeceased
PermanPhillip LaceyRA SigsDeceased
PidwellWilliam JohnRA InfY
PolsonDon FranklynRAASCDeceased
ReddingGordon BurnettRA InfY
Rickards Gordon Francis ButeRAA?
Roberts Anthony Rodgers (Tan)RA InfDeceased
RobertsonDonald GrahamRA InfDeceased
RobinsonJeremy MichaelRA InfY
RodenJohn BrookRA InfY
ScorgieCharles WalterRA InfDeceased
SinclairRobert LawrieRA InfDeceased
SmithPhillip PeterRA InfDeceased
SpaldingHenry JamesRA InfDeceased
SpencerWalter DouglasRA InfDeceased
SteinJohn ChristianRA Inf, RAAOCDeceased
StewartJohn MelvilleRAE, RA InfDeceased
StoddardJohnRA InfY
ThrossellIanRA InfDeceased
WebsterKaye AnthonyRA InfDeceased
WilliamsJohn FredrickRAACDeceased
WoodsCuthbert FrancisRA InfDeceased
WrightLawrence AllanRAEY
WrightClaude MervynRAEDeceased


  1. ‘Y’ indicates contact details known.
  2. * indicates Class Orderly